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Well Hello There 2009 – I can’t believe that 2008 is a thing of the past, it went by much too quickly for my taste! All in all it was a good year with good times shared with family and friends, a little bit of travel thrown into the mix, and the chance to get to watch Riley grow and turn into her own little personality. She is starting to use sentences now and is getting better at telling Daddy to “Follow me” when she wants me to do something. Most of the time it works out pretty well, and if we need to, Mom and Dad are still helping Baby Boo ‘keep it real’.
Riley’s Rendition of Jingle Bells

We’re still working on posting pictures from the Christmas festivities in WV and MI, and if I can figure out how to make it work, there should be a couple of short videos of Riley entertaining the family during dinner somewhere in this post. Santa was good to Riley this year, as was everyone else. There are now plenty of blocks, dolls, trains, train tracks, books, puzzles, clothes and more to last for a while. Uncle Tim and Aunt Trina also renewed our NC Zoo membership so we look forward to more trips to visit the animals in the coming year.
Time for me to work on trying to include the videos, hopefully you’ll have already checked out the cuteness before you read this far!
Riley Wishes You a Merry Christmas

A new day, or rather night, has come to our household. Riley is sleeping in a big girl bed for the first time in her life. Today I took her convertible crib and transitioned it to a youth bed (toddler bed). She was so excited when she saw it! She kept bouncing on it and just seemed tickled at the transformation. We also finally put down some Disney Princess mats that we picked up for her ages ago.
Tonight when it was time for bed, she skipped back to her room, jumped up on the bed and was ready to go to sleep. No hugs no kisses no night night, just ready to go to sleeps like a big girl.
I love being her mom and watching her grow. I love playing with her and reading with her. While she is only 2 years and 3 months old, she’s growing up entirely too fast. I’m proud of my big little girl!

I’ve not taken Riley to a library yet. I know I know– but heck I have to figure out where they are around here. I think I know- just haven’t had a time to go. However, they’ve talked about libraries at school and she’s seen Caillou episodes and other references to libraries. (Trust me, the kid is not hurting for books and she loves them all.)
So on the way home I ask her where she would like to go. She does this Dr. Evil kind of point at the corner of her mouth thing and says “Hrmm”.
“I go… LIBRARY!”
I was kinda shocked she said it as we’ve never talked about going to the library. So I asked her a few more questions including what was at a library. She shared with me what she knew and then..
“Books, they have books!”
“Yes, yes they do Riley! Do you think they would let us look at their books if we are careful?”
“YES!” as she laughed at the silly mommy.
“What else do they have at libraries?”
For a minute I was lost then as she talked more about going to the library I realized what she was talking about.
Dear lord, Riley thinks Barnes and Noble is a library!!!
I laughed so hard. We came home instead and I think I will do my best to take her to a real library soon.

And Riley is dressing up as her favorite princess of all – Belle!!!
We tried on our costume tonight and there are a few pictures on the Flickr link to the right for you to check out. She was so happy and tickled to look like her favorite princess. “I’m dancing!” she exclaimed earlier!

Hello all!!!
It has been a while since we last updated but trust me, it has been busy busy busy at our house! Except for when we were at the beach but even that was a busy time!
Riley is now two. Two years old and running strong. She is the light of our lives still and just a joy for the most part. Hey, she is two and with two comes trouble. Of course trouble for her is what other people dream of as a good day! Yes, we are spoiled and know it when it comes to Riley. Which makes it hard for us not to spoil her as well.
We had a wonderful summer, with the trip to Milwaukee, Mark’s trip to Canada, Luci’s visit, my trip to JadeCon /Indianapolis, a visit from Grandpa and Grandma Hagenbuch with Meghan and Madison, and our trip to the beach with my extended family. It is hard to believe it is over and there is a chill in the air with the leaves changing color. I constantly look around and wonder where the time has gone!
As for Ms. Riley, she is now singing, talking in basic sentences, counting to 20, and is in love with Thomas and his friends. She loves to play, especially with her trains and Belle is always around as well. She loves to play with her kitchen and tea set, she loves balls and sandboxes, and she loves puzzles and reading.
Well, it is well past my bedtime, but wanted to say hi and let you know too that we’ve uploaded a ton of new pictures from our beach trip. Click on the link to our flickr account to the right.

Are all almost-2-year-olds this savvy with their shopping skills?!

June Update

Posted on: June 26, 2008

Too Cute Cowgirl
What a month – lots of travel, fun with house gremlins, family time…and pictures! Riley got to spend a lot of time with Mommy over the past month as Dadda was traveling up North, eh – for the annual Canada fishing trip and then cousin Becki’s wedding in WI. Riley got her first airplane ride and all reports seem to reflect that she was quite the good little traveler. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Dadda drove up to MI in early June for the Canada 2008 excursion to the Ivanhoe River where a good time was had by all (including the thousands of mosquitoes and black flies that showed up without invitations!); we had an exciting flight into the lake as the wind was blowing a tad on the high side of the scale so there were lots of dipsey dos in the plane; on the plus side John (our pilot) was busy so we got all of our gear (and beer) flown in on Saturday instead of having to wait until later in the week! Sunday and Thursday provided some of the best fishing I can remember – Captain Horhay took Dadda to school on Thursday putting about 6 fish in the boat before I even had a bite! Horhay was also the Big Fish 2008 Prize-winner and took home a nice Crosley Washer game set.
  • After Canada and a few days of down time, the next trip was a drive to WI for the wedding; we stopped in to see Aunt Joyce which was a nice surprise for her and a good visit for the family; traffic and construction made the trip to WI a bit on the slow side, but we got to the hotel in and met up with Mom and Riley who flew in earlier in the day; we had a nice dinner at a local German restaurant and met up with some of Mom’s friends – we got to tour a good bit of Glendale (or some other part of Milwaukee) on the drive over as Dadda got a bit lost – we got the extended tour of a nice outdoor mall, complete with the Salsa music festival though – bonus! The wedding was quite nice and you can check out some of the pictures (and a couple of videos!) over here.
  • Riley made out like a bandit at the wedding and afterwards – she is now the proud owner of a shiny new Maize and Blue tricycle which she proudly calls Riley’s bike! We’re working on getting some pictures up of her sitting on her new pride and joy (she’s not quite big enough to reach the pedals but she loves being pushed/pulled around the house, deck, sidewalk, etc.)
  • That’s all for now, check back soon for some new pictures and the like, sorry about the lack of posts – but it’s tricky updating things from backwoods Canada with no Internets and electricity!

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