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Can you believe it was one year ago today that Riley Anne came into our lives? I can not!

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Today I spent playing with Riley. She is growing up so fast, each day brings new advancements and experiences with her. She’s no longer a newborn, an infant, she’s definitely a baby now. All babbling and smiles and laughs. My days are not complete with my Riley kisses! She’s eating veggies and cereal now- so far she adores carrots and peas, she’s not quite as enthused over green beans, and while cereal as a hit at first, she’d much rather have veggies instead. She sleeps through the night with rare exceptions.
She is an incredible, lovely, beautiful baby and I can not imagine not knowing her.
A year ago today, I wasn’t sure we’d get the chance to meet her.
If you click on the link below, you can read what I wrote that day a year ago. It’s a bit detailed and long but at least has a happy ending. Little did I know the events of that day were just the beginning of an eventful pregnancy but they did solidify in me how I felt about this new life and how much someone I had not even met yet meant to me. They also showed me yet again how wonderful Mark is and what a great father he would be (as if there has ever been any doubt).
Riley is in bed asleep after a long day of play. She smiled and laughed and had a grand time playing with all her Christmas gifts (thank you again everyone!) before her last bottle and just crashing out in my arms. I gave her extra kisses tonight. One day I’ll explain to her why January 6 means so much to me. Until then, I record it here for her to read when she is much much older.

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