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We hope that everyone had a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and hope that the New Year brings good things.  We have some pictures and video from Riley’s first NC Christmas to share soon.  Here’s to more frequent content and updates in 2011!


Posted on: April 18, 2010

Beth took Riley for her first set of 2010 photos today – you can see a sampling of the results on the right side of the page. I’ll include a link later so you can jump right to the full set if you’d like. I can’t believe how grown-up she looks, apparently she’s not camera-shy, and the photographer was good at working with kids too. We’ve got some printed copies of some of the photos that should go out in the mail in the relatively near future to close family and friends 🙂 Here’s the link so you can check out the full photo shoot.


I moved South to get away from the snow and cold, so far 2010 is a disappointing year in terms of achieving this goal. Riley, on the other hand, would disagree – she’s loving all of this snow! Off to see what this evening brings…I’m not liking seeing white-covered vehicles and slushy streets though.

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I know that letting a cough linger on for over 3 weeks isn’t a good idea, this fact was made more evident when the doctor visit to see what was going on ended up with multiple chest x-rays and a lovely diagnosis of walking pneumonia. A few days later Mom got the same treatment (although they had to draw some blood from her, I’m glad I missed out on that special treat!) The good news is that Riley is the healthy one through all of this – she’s a bit snotty at times but overall the picture of health. The antibiotics seem to be doing their job and Mom and Dad are on the road to recovery – yeah!


It’s another new year and time for another shot at being more regular posting updates, pictures and news about Riley and the excitement that is her life.  I’m hoping that moving to a new blog platform will offer satisfactory motivation to get back on the more frequent posting train.  That’s all for now, hopefully there’s more to share soon!

Well Hello There 2009 – I can’t believe that 2008 is a thing of the past, it went by much too quickly for my taste! All in all it was a good year with good times shared with family and friends, a little bit of travel thrown into the mix, and the chance to get to watch Riley grow and turn into her own little personality. She is starting to use sentences now and is getting better at telling Daddy to “Follow me” when she wants me to do something. Most of the time it works out pretty well, and if we need to, Mom and Dad are still helping Baby Boo ‘keep it real’.
Riley’s Rendition of Jingle Bells

We’re still working on posting pictures from the Christmas festivities in WV and MI, and if I can figure out how to make it work, there should be a couple of short videos of Riley entertaining the family during dinner somewhere in this post. Santa was good to Riley this year, as was everyone else. There are now plenty of blocks, dolls, trains, train tracks, books, puzzles, clothes and more to last for a while. Uncle Tim and Aunt Trina also renewed our NC Zoo membership so we look forward to more trips to visit the animals in the coming year.
Time for me to work on trying to include the videos, hopefully you’ll have already checked out the cuteness before you read this far!
Riley Wishes You a Merry Christmas

Are all almost-2-year-olds this savvy with their shopping skills?!

June Update

Posted on: June 26, 2008

Too Cute Cowgirl
What a month – lots of travel, fun with house gremlins, family time…and pictures! Riley got to spend a lot of time with Mommy over the past month as Dadda was traveling up North, eh – for the annual Canada fishing trip and then cousin Becki’s wedding in WI. Riley got her first airplane ride and all reports seem to reflect that she was quite the good little traveler. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Dadda drove up to MI in early June for the Canada 2008 excursion to the Ivanhoe River where a good time was had by all (including the thousands of mosquitoes and black flies that showed up without invitations!); we had an exciting flight into the lake as the wind was blowing a tad on the high side of the scale so there were lots of dipsey dos in the plane; on the plus side John (our pilot) was busy so we got all of our gear (and beer) flown in on Saturday instead of having to wait until later in the week! Sunday and Thursday provided some of the best fishing I can remember – Captain Horhay took Dadda to school on Thursday putting about 6 fish in the boat before I even had a bite! Horhay was also the Big Fish 2008 Prize-winner and took home a nice Crosley Washer game set.
  • After Canada and a few days of down time, the next trip was a drive to WI for the wedding; we stopped in to see Aunt Joyce which was a nice surprise for her and a good visit for the family; traffic and construction made the trip to WI a bit on the slow side, but we got to the hotel in and met up with Mom and Riley who flew in earlier in the day; we had a nice dinner at a local German restaurant and met up with some of Mom’s friends – we got to tour a good bit of Glendale (or some other part of Milwaukee) on the drive over as Dadda got a bit lost – we got the extended tour of a nice outdoor mall, complete with the Salsa music festival though – bonus! The wedding was quite nice and you can check out some of the pictures (and a couple of videos!) over here.
  • Riley made out like a bandit at the wedding and afterwards – she is now the proud owner of a shiny new Maize and Blue tricycle which she proudly calls Riley’s bike! We’re working on getting some pictures up of her sitting on her new pride and joy (she’s not quite big enough to reach the pedals but she loves being pushed/pulled around the house, deck, sidewalk, etc.)
  • That’s all for now, check back soon for some new pictures and the like, sorry about the lack of posts – but it’s tricky updating things from backwoods Canada with no Internets and electricity!

Riley Update

Posted on: May 21, 2008

Boy, it’s been a long time since Dad has dusted off the keyboard and provided an update. Sorry for the delay, but here is some new content to keep you occupied and informed for the time being:

  • Riley had minor surgery on May 19th – her ENT specialist replaced the tube in one of her ears and removed her adenoids. Mom and Dad didn’t realize that this surgery required her to get an IV and a breathing tube! But all went well – the doctor said her little adenoids were very infected, so we’re hoping this will be a big quality of life improvement for Ms. Riley;
  • When we brought her home, she was still a little confused and shaky from the anesthesia, but after some down time (and a little bit of ice cream) she was ready to head outside to “Blow bubbles!” – one of her favorite new activities. This go around she actually worked with Mom and created some bubbles on her own. Usually she walks around with the bubble wand, a bink in her mouth, and tries to blow but no results. She ate a regular dinner, choked down her antibiotics, Zyrtec and some pain meds and slept through the night. It was back to day care the day after the surgery – little Miss Riley is quite the resilient kiddo!
  • Riley is picking up on new things at a fast pace – she can now count to 10 and get through her ABCs with a little hlep from an adult; she likes to count 1…2…7…8…10, but if you prompt her with the ‘3’ she goes straight through; she’ll start to sing the ABC song by herself too – but usually skips out around G or H and zips ahead to W…X…Y…Z; she is also singing most of Happy Birthday on her own, although if you ask her it’s normally her birthday that she is ‘celebrating’, although she will add in other people from time to time; Riley is also now the proud owner of at least 1 Subaru (If you ask her who’s car Beth’s Outback is – she’ll usually answer “Riley’s car”; so far Dad’s Tribeca is pretty safe) and a house – when she starts making mortgage payments Dad will let her take this credit;
  • Mom and Dad are doing well – we’ve survived the NC weather excitement of late and were very fortunate that none of the tornadoes or strong winds did anything more than blowing down some small branches; we’re getting more rain this year which is nice – we can wash cars and water the yard on a limited basis this year, hopefully the wet weather keeps up for the summer this year.

That’s all for now – don’t forget to check the Flickr page for the latest in photographed cuteness!!

Thanks to Grandpa & Grandma H. we have a good bit of new photographic content for your viewing pleasure! The images come from a pretty lengthy span of time – April 2005 through the present – so you can see just how much Baby Boo has changed since she was born.
Things in NC are good – the weather is still trying to make up its mind whether it wants to be spring or winter. It makes things interesting when you don’t know if it’s going to be in the 70s or 30s on any given day. We got a bit of rain recently, but our part of the state (and actually most of NC for that part) is still in a pretty severe state of drought. We thought about trying to help get rid of some of the extra water in Three Rivers when the flood hit recently, but things just didn’t work out.
Riley has her 18-month check up soon, I can’t believe that she’s a year and a half old already. We’re working with her on animal names (she’s pretty good with the sounds already and is picking up on the names pretty quickly too) and counting. If we can work it out we’ll work on a new video to share with some of her new skills and sayings. Hope that all is well with our friends and families, feel free to shoot us an email or leave some comments.

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