Life With Riley


Posted on: November 6, 2008

I’ve not taken Riley to a library yet. I know I know– but heck I have to figure out where they are around here. I think I know- just haven’t had a time to go. However, they’ve talked about libraries at school and she’s seen Caillou episodes and other references to libraries. (Trust me, the kid is not hurting for books and she loves them all.)
So on the way home I ask her where she would like to go. She does this Dr. Evil kind of point at the corner of her mouth thing and says “Hrmm”.
“I go… LIBRARY!”
I was kinda shocked she said it as we’ve never talked about going to the library. So I asked her a few more questions including what was at a library. She shared with me what she knew and then..
“Books, they have books!”
“Yes, yes they do Riley! Do you think they would let us look at their books if we are careful?”
“YES!” as she laughed at the silly mommy.
“What else do they have at libraries?”
For a minute I was lost then as she talked more about going to the library I realized what she was talking about.
Dear lord, Riley thinks Barnes and Noble is a library!!!
I laughed so hard. We came home instead and I think I will do my best to take her to a real library soon.


1 Response to "Libraries"

The library off Hobbs Road next to Jefferson Elementary is great for kids. It has a small cottage in the children’s section. Their story time for toddlers is great too.

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