Life With Riley

She’s walkin’, yes siree and she’s talkin’…well, almost

Posted on: November 4, 2007

It’s official – Riley has joined the ranks of the biped, walking on two feet, taking steps with no help ranks!!! Beth and I both saw her walk a few steps between one of her toy chests and Beth’s glider. Riley is definitely not up to running a marathon or anything like that, and truthfully she still prefers the ‘I can crawl’ or ‘I can be picked up and carried to my destination’ modes of travel, but the walking is definitely a real situation now. Guess that means that we need to finalize the house proofing and relocating all of the items that are now within reach of Ms. Grabby Hands.
The weather in NC is finally trying to get close to Fall temperatures too. Soon it will be time to start up with Dad’s least favorite activity – the raking of the leaves, yukola. Along with the walking, Riley is working on learning more words and sounds. Most of the time she can tell you that a cow says ‘Moooooo’, and sometimes she’ll say that bunny rabbits ‘hop hop hop’ – although you can really only hear the ‘p’s, still very cute. We’re working with her to spell her name on some of her cups, it’s neat to watch her pay attention as we run her little fingers over the letters.
We hope that everyone is checking the Flickr site for more current Riley pictures – we are trying to share Beth’s day care drop off pictures as often as we can. If you haven’t been keeping up, click right here to check out the goodies! That’s all for now, hopefully we’ll continue improving on keeping the site and the pictures up-to-date.


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