Life With Riley

Yes, we’re still here…

Posted on: October 15, 2007

But as most of you can guess, pretty busy!

Riley is getting bigger and bigger every day. She’s just a joy to be around 99.9% of the time– yes our little angel does have her moments, but lucky for us, those moments usually mean something is WRONG. A sore ear, teeth coming in, usually nothing too bad but enough to let us know that something is definitely not right in her world. The tubes we had placed in March just had their first check up and she’s good to go for another six months.
Okay okay, a real update on the kiddo:
Last weigh in she was over 21 lbs and 29 inches tall. She has had her first haircut and did really well with it all told. Course, now it’s ready to be cut again! For the most part it is straight except for some curls at the back of her neck. I’m sure they will disappear with the first real hair cut but for now we just adore them. She also has 5 teeth with at least two more coming in right now.
Riley is almost walking– she’ll walk if you let her hold on to a finger. She doesn’t need the assistance but has no desire to go on her own and I understand what she’s thinking. The view may be great from up there but she can get where she wants really fast by crawling. There is nothing funnier than hearing her hit the hardwood floors as she takes off down the hall giggling.
Oh the giggling. Her laugh is infectious and precious. Yes, we’re biased but it really is just so sweet.
She’s still not really saying any technical words, but she’s getting really close! She points and “talks” still- she’ll go on and on sometimes. We have NO idea what she’s talking about (except when she points) but we play along. She sorta says “ba” for bottle, occassionally something like “baby”, and a recent addition “elmo”. Yes, Riley has found the world of Elmo!
Her current favorites: Belle (still of course), Elmo, Little Bear, and the Shrek babies.
Favorite books: Riley LOVES books and loves reading. She’ll even occassionally “read” to us! Some of her favorite books are: Elmo Loves You, Another Monster at the End of this Book!, Neighborhood Animals, Simba, and some books about puppies and bunnies. She also loves her bubble books- the waterproof type.
She loves playing with her toys- she loves balls and anything that plays music. She has a toy baby piano from Fisher Price and she loves to make music or play along with the songs. She loves playing with her little people, especially her little people house and playground. She also is thrilled to put stuff in stuff and take it out again. I know, not terribly exciting but it is when you’re 14 months old!
Riley can show you where her nose is and just thinks it is so funny that you ask her. I’m sure she thinks all the adults around her are just crazy people. She’ll also be happy to share with you that a cow goes “Mooooooooo!” and end it with a giggle or two. Sometimes she’ll get that a dog goes “arf” or “bow wow!”.
She also LOVES to swing and does well going down the slide at the park. I think she’d live in the swing if she could!
Time to go to sleep for me so I’ll leave you with one more Riley story till the next update…
We were counting 1…2…3… and Riley said “AIIIEEEEE!” So a favorite game we play is to count and cheer “AIIEEEEE!!!!!”. This came from reading Another Monster at the End of this Book a zillion times. Near the end Grover gives up and counts 1…. 2… 3… TURN THE PAGE!!! (turn page) AIIIIEEEE!!! as Grover and Elmo see each other and no other monsters! She thinks this is terrific fun!
Oh- and one more thing– she loves to kiss characters in the books. She gives Elmo a kiss when he asks at the end of his Elmo Loves You book, she kisses Simba and Nala in their book, and she even kisses the Care Bears when they go to sleep at the end of their book. Way too cute. Almost as good as her hugs- when she gives you a hug, she’ll wrap her arms around you, lay her head on your shoulder, and then she’ll pat you on the shoulder. Precious.
Okay- that’s what is going on for the most part in Riley’s world!


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Awww, she sounds so wonderful!

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