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Happy September

Posted on: September 2, 2007

It’s kind of amusing that we get time off from work for Labor Day – not that I’m complaining, but it’s still amusing. The weather in NC still thinks that it’s summer for some reason – August had all sorts of record high temperatures and not nearly enough rain. So far September is off to a good start – mornings have been nice and mild with temperatures in the 70s and highs in the 80s instead of the 90s or 100s. Hopefully things stay comfortable and the worst of the heat is behind us.
Beth and Riley got back from their beach vacation yesterday, so I’m guessing that there will be a post from Mom in the near future. I’ve seen all of the pictures too – so those should be online soon as well (there are some really good shots of Riley with Beth’s family and some nice, scenic shots of the NC coast). Apparently Riley picked up a new hobby at the beach – feeding the birds. She has always liked watching the birds at our bird feeder, but she got to get up close and person and feed her avian buddies (with adult help) during her vacation. Baby Boo is also getting better at petting the dog and cats at home – she seems to be getting the ‘gentle touches’ idea, although she does get excited and a bit ‘grabby’ at times.
We hope that our friends and family had a good summer, keep checking back for more updates soon. Don’t forget to leave your comments to let us know what’s going on with all of you too!
UPDATE 9/3 – Beth has started uploading pictures from the beach, you can check them out here and here, and even here – enjoy!!


2 Responses to "Happy September"

IT’S OCTOBER PEOPLE!!!! Where in the world is Miss Riley??

I know that we’ve been slow with new posts – there will be more updates with Halloween just around the bend. We’re trying to keep current pictures on Flickr too so don’t forget to check there as well 🙂

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