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So far, so good

Posted on: May 26, 2007

Dad just wanted to do a quick check in to provide a bit of update during his Daddy-Daughter time this week.

  • I knew that we had a good baby, but Riley is really showing off this week, and helping Dad along since Mom is out in LA having fun with the big Celebration 4;
  • Dad got Riley to daycare on time every day, and didn’t forget to pick her up either! I had no idea just how long of a drive it is from my work to the daycare; the drive from daycare home was a special treat every evening with Riley providing a lively commentary and plenty of ‘updates’ about her day;
  • Riley got to spend a few hours on Friday with Aunt Suz and her parents while Dad was part of an Entrepreneurial Boot Camp at the school where he teaches (Boot Camp is right making kids show up for class on a Friday night!); Suz and her Dad Sam took some great pictures of Riley too!!
  • Dad and Riley had fun on Saturday – multiple trips to the front yard for swing time, a nice stroll around the block too, and lots of floor time with Riley knocking down Dad’s stacks of blocks and playing peek-a-boo with Dad’s hat;
  • Here’s hoping that Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning go as well as this week – I’m sure that they will, and I know that Riley is missing her Mom and waiting for Tuesday so that she can catch up and give Mom her version of her week with Daddy!

That’s all for now – check out the new pics, leave us some feedback, and check back in a while for more news from sunny NC.


1 Response to "So far, so good"

Sounds like Daddy is doing a good job!! Experiences like this really make Daddies appreciate all that Mommies do!!! :>)
Kisses and hugs to Riley…ok…Daddy can have some too!! Aunt Nancy

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