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9 months…

Posted on: May 17, 2007

Hello! Today brought Riley’s first doctor’s appointment (other than follow up after the tubes went in) in ages! Dr. Sumner even started to make a joke about it but I ruined it. Whoops. However we were all happy because the idea was if we had any doubts about doing the tubes, how great she has been doing since is proof we made the correct decision.
So, drumroll please!
Ms. Riley Anne is 27.5 inches long and 18 lbs 12 oz! Her growth curves look great, she’s right at 50% for height and weight and 55% for head circumference. Overall, she is doing awesome and pleased the doctor with her progress. All this on no afternoon nap and after skipping two bottles today!
Oh yes, apparently Ms. Riley is deciding to have no part of bottles at daycare, however she still hasn’t quite figured out the whole sippy cup thing. In a strange place, that little one! We’re trying different styles, and giving her opportunities at home and at daycare. She’s taken a few pulls but nothing consistent and nothing to get too excited about. We’re confident she’ll figure it out soon- that is one of the things she does best, figuring things out!
Also, in additional news, Riley has found her BFF (best friend forever). If you’ve checked out the pics on the companion blog, Life with Riley in Pictures you may have caught a peek! Riley’s new best friend is a rag doll version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Typically Riley is very easy going- if you take something from her, or one of the kids at day care does, she just basically shrugs and goes on to something else. Try and take Belle from her? Oh boy, that does not make Riley happy at ALL. So now we have a Belle for home, a Belle for naptime at daycare, and one to keep back just in case. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen or heard of a kid being so attached to something at such a young age.
Other than the usual, nothing much else going on. I’m getting ready to *GASP* leave Riley and Mark for the first time overnight since Riley was born. I go back and forth about it in my head, but everything is set for the trip. I’ll be heading out to Celebration 4 in Los Angeles, working as a volunteer and seeing my fellow CJers. We’ll have a great time I’m sure, but I am going to miss Riley and Mark terribly.
Time for bed, hope all is well with everyone and as always, feel free leave a comment! If you ever have a question about Riley or how she’s doing, feel free to comment or email Mark or I. 🙂 Sometimes we just need a little prompting to get to writing..,


1 Response to "9 months…"

As always love the updates! I get my daily Riley fix in the mornings…it always brings a smile to my face. I know what you mean when you have all the back up dolls! I used to keep pacifiers in every possible place! Glad all went well at the Dr.s! Love to all, Aunt nancy
PS…what is Celebration 4 and CJ’ers??

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