Life With Riley

A few more updates…

Posted on: April 17, 2007

I realized that I forgot some news in my last post, so i wanted to include the new info and add some new news as well.

  • Last Friday (4/13) Beth noticed that Riley has an important new addition – teeth, well at least a tooth, we aren’t sure if there are more sprouting up but one little chopper is definitely visible now; so far Riley is not a huge fan of the application of Baby Orajel, but it does seem to help, and she continues to drool like a champ as the new additions make their way into her mouth;
  • Baby Boo had her post-op checkup with the ENT specialist today and it was good news all around! her tubes are all clear, there wasn’t any infection in either ear, and she’s off the hook for 6 months until her next appointment; they did another hearing test as well – Riles responded well to voices and was intermittent with the static/white noise tests;
  • After the doctor appointment, we all went to Mimi’s Cafe for lunch, Riley enjoyed more Cheerios and orange slice, she even liked mashed potatoes and ate some real turkey as well! After lunch we walked over to Ben & Jerry’s for Free Cone day and Riley enjoyed a bit of vanilla ice cream; we also went to Costco today to pick up some formula and other items, and we found out something that will sadden Grandpa George – Riley does not like chocolate pudding! They were offering up sample cups of pudding and for a joke we tried to give Baby Boo a taste, and she made the sourest face we’ve ever seen. The chocolate pudding is a family joke – ask Grandpa Horhay for the details the next time you see him 😉

So long for now from blustery NC, we’re still working on the new pictures (although there is a new picture of Riley from Ben & Jerry’s this afternoon on her other site – she’s relaxing in her stroller after enjoying some ice cream 🙂


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