Life With Riley

April showers brings…a new post!

Posted on: April 15, 2007

It’s been a little while between updates, so Dad figured that he would do his best to remember some of the recent events that are happening with Baby Boo and the rest of the family. Here we go:

  • Riley is doing quite well after her surgery for the tubes in her ears – she is in very happy spirits and a good mood most of the time and is getting more and more vocal; for now her favorite ‘words’ are still mostly ‘ba’, ‘blah’, ‘da’, and sometimes ‘o’; she is also quite proficient at growling like some kind of big, mountain cat and blowing bubbles/spreading a fine mist of Riley Juice on Mom and Dad;
  • We had a nice Easter in West Virginia and got to spend some time with Beth’s Mom and her family; surprisingly it was a White Easter! There was more snow in the air and on the ground than when we came through at Christmas – definitely over an inch of the fluffy white stuff on the ground and the heavy snows made for some slow driving on the highways as we made our way to Grandma’s house; Riley got to attend her first Easter Egg hunt, did some shopping with Mom and Grandma Debbie, and got to hang out at a family dinner on Easter afternoon; everyone had a good time and there were safe travels to and from WV;
  • Baby Boo continues to enjoy her swing in the front yard – she had her first experience this weekend watching Dad mow the yard as well; the noise from the mower didn’t bother her, although she seemed amused with Dad just walking back and forth across the lawn; this was the first mowing of the year, and just in time as it has been raining on and off Saturday night and all day Sunday…so the second mowing shouldn’t be too far off either;
  • Beth attended the NASCAR race in Martinsville a little while back – she has loads of pictures which should be uploaded to the Flickr site soon, but I’ll let her divulge the details of her fun in her own words;
  • We do have some new pictures of Riley (and some of her friends from day care), hopefully we’ll have them uploaded soon and we’ll include a new link and details when they are ready.

That’s all for now from soggy NC, we hope that all is well with our friends and family (and that everyone has their taxes all together and filed or ready to file!!)


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