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Welcome to February

Posted on: February 3, 2007

I know that it hasn’t been a month since the last update, I apologize for any medical emergencies the relatively quick update may cause to our readers. Things in NC are good – we had a bit of ‘wintry mix’ this past Thursday – Dad got to stay home from work and hang out with Riley while Mom braved the snow, sleet and freezing rain and went to work. Most of the bad weather missed us, but the snow was pretty while it lasted.
Riley continues to grow and she almost fits into her 9 month outfits! The legs tend to be OK, but the sleeves are still a little bit too long for her. Her hair color seems to vary day by day – sometimes it’s light brown, other days more blond, and sometimes you can even see some red/copper in there. Her little baby bald spot is slowly filling in, since she spends more time in her exersaucer and Bumbo chair that tends to help. It’s hard to believe that she’ll be 6 months old next week! Mom and Dad are both very grateful and thankful that Riley is now a part of our life 🙂
We are discovering another Baby Boo benefit – tax deductions! It’s nice to see a bit of positive cash flow come into the picture to help balance out the regular day care, formula, diaper, (and for Riley doctor visit) expenses! If there’s not another update before the 14th – Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone too.
UPDATE 2/4 – a few new pictures posted, check out the bath time cuteness here! (you can get the the rest of the pictures pretty easily from here)!


2 Responses to "Welcome to February"

You were right…be still my heart…another update!! haha I did my nightly check for news and was rewarded for my efforts. I can hardly believe also that Riley is almost 6 months old. We have her picture on our frig and tell our little ones what her name is! Lilly says she is the baby cousin! Love, Aunt Nancy

The bathtime pictures have to be printed and saved for graduation time or to bring out for her first date to see!!! :>)

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