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Gobble Gobble

Posted on: November 29, 2006

Yes – we hope that everyone had as much fun over the Thanksgiving Holiday as we did
No – we haven’t forgotten how to update the site
Here’s hoping that there’s some truth to the adage that good things come to those who wait – we do have some new items to post, and a batch of new pictures is in the works as well. Other than some congestion and coughing Baby Boo is doing very well. She’s growing like mad and getting cuter with each passing day. She is a good ‘talker’ and Mom and Dad enjoy hearing Riley describe her day once we’re all home from work – she’s very expressive and it’s a lot of fun to listen and watch her tell her stories.
Turkey Day was a festive occasion in NC this year – we were joined by brother Tim, Trina, Meghan and Madison for the holiday weekend. The girls were very excited to meet and play with their new cousin (who was asleep for most of their first meeting, but then was more interactive for the duration of their stay). We watched the Lions blow another game on Thanksgiving and then went and played some Nerf football out in front of the house. It was a busy weekend for everyone – on Friday we spent a good chunk of the day going through a local craft fair where we saw lots of beautiful hand-made wares (some of them might have even made their way into various shopping bags…) On Saturday we hit Pump It Up Party which is basically a large building with multiple party rooms filled with inflatable gear. There was a big obstacle course, a giant slide, a boxing ring, and more. It was a great way for the girls to burn off some energy and have some fun.
Riley continues to enjoy her time in day care, although she’s getting a new teacher. She is spending some time in the excer-saucer and is getting really strong with more muscle control. She has even started scooting herself across the floor/bed during tummy time! It doesn’t happen all of the time but she’s good at working her legs to propel herself. She’s still not mastering the whole rolling over bit (which is fine by us for the time being!) – she likes to keep her arms extended and she gets frustrated when she doesn’t turn over as she pushes. Her hair is really starting to come in too and it’s lighter than the dark hair she had when she was born – not full blond, but not brunette either.
We’ll work on getting the new pictures posted soon – and we’ll have a link to them when they are ready. Thanks for stopping by the site and bearing with our slow update pace.


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I can hardly wait for the new pix! Glad you had a good time with Tim and his 3 girls! Love ya! “us”

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