Life With Riley

A few new pictures…

Posted on: November 5, 2006

We’re getting better at providing picture updates more quickly – check out the latest Riley photos here.
[Update 7 Nov]: Apparently just including new pictures does not really rank as much of a true ‘change’ to Riley’s site since there’s no real content. Let me see if I can change that…part of the reason for the short post is that Dad is under the weather with a nice little head cold and between medication and the constant pressure in my head it’s hard for me to concentrate for an extended period of time. I’ve been told multiple times already that this is something for me to get used to for the next 4 to 16 years as Baby Boo will be sharing her baby illnesses with Mom and Dad – oh joy.
On a related note – the weather here in NC seems determined to keep me sick. I just wish that there was some consistency and not this 70 degree, nice warm weather and then 20 degree cold, damp crud. At least it wasn’t raining when I went to vote this morning (and I hope that everyone who reads this has done their civic duty and cast the ballots wherever you might be!), although it’s been drizzly ever since (there are good and bad things about having lots of windows at work). We hope that you’ve enjoyed the Halloween and new November pictures of Riley – she is really starting to come into her own and it’s fun to get to play with her now that she’s more interactive. That’s all for now – check back for more new content, we promise that we’ll add news as the month progresses!


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