Life With Riley

Good Weekend

Posted on: October 29, 2006

Just a quick update before the Halloween festivities to share a few events from the weekend…
Good News:
*Mom, Dad & Riley went to a fun birthday party for our friends Nicholas and Marlene; we had a yummy brunch and got to help Nicholas play with his cool new toys – Star Wars Legos (which Mom didn’t even try to sneak home with her!), a nifty Optimus Prime Transformer, Monopoly Jr., a sweet RC Jeep, a Tonka Garbage/Recycle truck, a magnetic building set, and I’m sure I’m forgetting about some of the other goodies;
*Riley helped Dad cheer for Big Blue during the Meechigan vs. Northwestern football game; she’s turning into quite the cheerleader and she’s still working on the words to the Victor’s (it’s a work in progress);
*We had some nice and warm (although very windy!) weather over the weekend – so now the backyard looks like a giant leaf depository – but the trees in the neighborhood are very pretty and we like to look at them before all of the leaves are on the ground;
Not So Good News:
*Riley was back at the pediatrician on Saturday morning…Mom called to see if they could recommend something that we could give her to help break up her stuffy nose, and since she’s had congestion and a little bit of a cough for two weeks now they decided it would be a good idea for them to check her just to be safe; Baby Boo’s ears looked good, her chest was clear and she’s not running a fever – so we got some baby decongestant and antibiotics (the doctor things it may be a little sinus infection);
*We have to keep the antibiotics in the fridge so that they’re cold – and Riley and cold things in her mouth is not a good combination, so it’s an extra special treat to give her the medicine with her bottle (although Mom is really good and patient with her, and if we go slow and give the medicine a little bit of time to warm up things aren’t too bad); so far Riley has had 4 doses of the antibiotics and now her snots are much more white/clear instead of the gross green/yellow – yeah 🙂 (see – there’s even some more good news mixed in the with not so good).
We’re looking forward to the big Halloween party on Tuesday afternoon at day care – as long as Mom and Dad don’t do something silly like forgetting the camera at home, we promise new pictures of Baby Boo all dressed up for the festivities. We hope that everyone is in good health and good spirits – take care and check back soon.


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