Life With Riley

Mom checking in…

Posted on: October 22, 2006

My baby has been sick!
She’s doing much better now- it’s been over a week since her last fever. Couse after that fun she developed a cold and shared it with mom. We’ve both been sniffly, sneezing, and some coughing over the past week. I finally went and picked us up a humidifier last night and I think it helped us both sleep last night. Dad’s been great as always making sure his girls are taken care of and as comfortable as we can be.
We’re gearing up here for our first holiday season! Riley has her costume ready to go, they are having a party at daycare and dad and I will get to attend. I’m thankful that I have bosses who support family time! I can’t wait to see her all dressed up. With her nickname of Boo, we’ve been given and found a number of cute Boo-items for her to wear. She’s been sporting a cute Boo union suit complete with hat today! Yes, we have pictures and will post them later.
I’m glad that Mark updated everyone regarding Riles’ earlier hospital adventure. I’m one of those people who can be great during the emergency but once I know everything is alright or taken care of, that is when I get upset. I’m just now where I can think about it all again and not be upset- I’m glad that she’s fine that the results of all the tests were negative, but I also hate that she had to go through all of that to find out. And all the shots!!! ARGH!!! My girl is a trooper though. She has finally forgotten that naked=bad things, which for a couple of days there was making diaper changes really difficult.
Our little girl keeps getting bigger and bigger. She’s completely out of her newborn size clothes, the 0-3 month items are on the verge of being too little as well. She’s wearing some 6 month clothes without any problem! I’m excited about her growing but also sad to see her babyhood passing so quickly. However, growing means new adventures and I look forward to her coos and babbles becoming more sounds and words. For the day when she can reach out and grab her toys and realizes she can make changes in her world. One milestone that she has passed with flying colors is that she is smiling all the time now, as an expression of her feelings (I hope at least šŸ˜‰ ) instead of just a reflex/gas issue. Her smile is hard to catch on camera but we keep trying to share it with all of you. It is just one of those happy to the tips of her toes kind of smiles. She is truly one happy baby- at least most of the time.


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