Life With Riley

2 month check-up

Posted on: October 20, 2006

They say better late than never – so here’s a quick recap of Riley’s 2 month check-up just a few days late.
*Things started off well – Riley didn’t pee on the scale this time, she still weighed just over 12 pounds; her fever has stayed away after the big scare too. Baby Boo wasn’t too keen on the whole getting measured business, but she made it through without a big breakdown. She is around 22 1/2″ long now, and she is measuring between the 50th and 75th percentile for her size, weight, and head-size.
*The doctor made his entrance and did his preliminary checks – her eyes looked good and she’s good at following things with her eyes, her hips are fine (which we knew from the ultrasound but the doctor is still checking up on things just to be sure); her heart and lungs sounded good too. After the overall checking, it was time for the unpleasant part of the morning…
*The doctor left and his nurse came back with 5 vaccines for Baby Boo – 1 set of drops and 4 shots 😦 We started with the oral vaccine (which Riley seemed to like a little bit), chased it with some grape Tylenol – most of which ended up on Riley’s outfit, then it was on to Screamfest 2006. I was quite impressed how quickly the nurse was able to administer 4 injections, and truthfully given my dislike for needles I think Riley did quite well handling that much poking. Mom did great too and was holding Riley, and then picked her up after the Band-Aids were in place. Once she was in her Mom’s arms, Riley calmed down pretty quickly. There did not seem to be any lasting problems from the shots, although Baby Boo was kind of tired and cranky more than usual.
And to think, in 2 months it’s time for an encore performance – Merry Christmas Riley, you get a bunch more shots! Her appointment is about a week before Christmas so she will have plenty of time to rest and up heal before the holiday festivities. We’re still trying to figure out the holiday travel plans, but most likely the clan will head Northward for at least a little while. More details will be released as we sort things out. Well, it’s time for the night-time feeding (and Riley has slept through the night 3 times this week – Mom and Dad are both proud and appreciative of this new development πŸ™‚


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