Life With Riley

Yes, We’re Still Here…

Posted on: October 12, 2006

It’s a real learning experience to see just where free time goes when there’s a cute little 2 month old sharing your life. I think about posting an update quite regularly, but as you can see – the actual posting happens a bit less frequently than the thinking. So, for your reading pleasure – the first of the October Riley updates:
*Riley had her first ‘I am a big girl and can sleep (probably closer to mostly sleeping and not crying or making loud enough noises to wake up mom and dad!) through the entire night!!! Granted it was a relatively short night with her going to bed after 11 and getting up a bit after 6, but Mom and Dad are both proud and grateful for this new development. I’m sure that I have jinxed things now by mentioning it – but hopefully there are a few more extended sleep breaks for Baby Boo in the coming months.
*Day care is turning out to be a good experience for Riley – she has 6, soon to be 7, new baby buddies in her room; Ms. Amber & Ms. Nikki are great with her and give Mom and Dad regular reports on what’s happening during the day. Riley has got to do all sorts of fun things like taking a wagon ride around the playground (I wish I could have been there to video that – 8 babies in a couple of wagons is just too much cuteness to imagine!) and spend time in her new swings, bouncy seats, and crib (she’s still getting used to being in a crib during the day but she’s improving as time goes on).
*Riley is getting good at cheering the Maize and Blue on to victory on Saturdays. Dad is still working on getting her to give the ‘Touchdown’ signal when they score, say ‘Go Blue’ on a fairly regular basis during the game, and sing The Victors when Meeechigan scores. It’s a work in progress, and luckily there are still plenty of football games left to continue the fun.
*There are some new pictures, right now they only exist on the camera’s Memory Stick – hopefully soon they will make their way online…as soon as that happens there will be a new announcement and link to the update. Let us know if you like the little box of pictures on the right-hand side of the screen – that’s something that we’re experimenting with for the time being. Also, feel free to leave any suggestions for other things that you’d like to see (other than more regular and frequent updates, we’re already working on that 😉 That’s all for now – post a comment and let us know what you’re thinking and what else you’d like to see!


2 Responses to "Yes, We’re Still Here…"

I like everything about the page accept there needs to be more updates. How can you write Rileys book with out them.

Love the new site! Isn’t it amazing how you so take for granted sleeping all night long? We look forward to seeing the new pictures.

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