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Time flies

Posted on: September 26, 2006

I think that is going to be the phrase that repeats in my head over and over again for the next few years. Today Riley is 7 weeks old and doing beautifully. She’s become so much more playful and interactive- she’ll talk to us or to her fishies. She loves to look around and take in everything. We’ve even developed a little bit of a routine. A day in the life of the Rilester (let’s say her first wake up is at 6 – it varies):
6 AM – wake up, bottle (around 4 oz), diaper change. Goodbye kisses with dad as he’s leaving to go to work. Sometimes back in the crib, sometimes in the bouncy seat for a little more rest.
9-10 AM – Time to eat again! More diaper changes. Play with Mom, check in with Dad online. A little bit of a nap.
12-1 PM – First lunch! Bottle, diaper changes (kinda repeats a lot doesn’t it?), some time outside- either in the stroller or just a little while on the porch if the weather is nice.
3-4 PM Second lunch- bottle, diaper change. Check the mail, check in with Dad. 🙂 Some more play time with Mom, hang out in the bouncy seat or swing while Mom washes bottles and gets new ones set up. Help Mom decide what to make for dinner and start dinner.
6-8 PM First dinner – a bottle, another diaper change. Playtime with Dad!
10-11 PM – Second dinner/top off the tank 😉 Diaper change and depending on what she’s wearing, change into pj’s. A cuddle with Mom, a cuddle and kisses from Dad, and it’s time to go down in the crib. We say good night and turn on the fishies (thanks again Deet!) and she falls asleep telling the fishies about her day.
3-4 AM – Wake up Mom or Dad for a bottle and a diaper change, back to sleep maybe with one more round with the fishies.
6 AM- start all over again!
I’ve been giving her baths in the afternoon, she alternates between loving it and hating it. Today was a bit of both- she loved getting washed except for when I went to do her hair. Oh lands, it was SCREAMFEST ’06. Which was very frustrating because she’s got some serious cradle cap and I was trying to get it loosened up and off. She survived and is all clean and sweet smelling again. She’s got on a cute outfit and can’t wait for Daddy to get home. We’ll probably go and check the mail as soon as I finish this.
I know this isn’t the most interesting entry, there probably will not be any huge milestones to report for a while, but I see it as a way to also note the everyday things we do. If she’s interested, one day she can go back and read all of these entries. One day when I’m missing my little baby girl, I’ll be able to go back and read them myself.
Take care gang, and be sure to hug someone you love today!


3 Responses to "Time flies"

OK…that last paragraph made Auntie shed a few tears of rememberence of her baby boys! Thanks for the memories.

I just want to say that each entry and every little fact entered lets me be a part of Rileys life. I wish that I had something like this to go back to when I am missing my “little girl”. Great job Beth I never doubted that you would be the “BESTEST MOM!”

Beth and Mark,
Sounds like you are wonderful parents. I can’t wait to meet Riley in person.

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