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Go Blue!

Posted on: September 23, 2006

OK, so it’s a little bit late after last week’s big win over ND – but it’s also in preparation for the big Michigan – Wisconsin game in a little while. Dad is still pretty happy after the results of the Notre Dame game, it made for a nice Saturday in Greensboro (even though it took time away some time from grading exams).
Riley continues to be a great baby – she’s starting to sleep more through the night (I’m sure that I have just jinxed us now by mentioning it, but maybe not) and she’s growing into more of a little person than a newborn! Watching her features, ears, hands, feet develop, grow, and increase in functionality (especially her hands – she’s getting a little too good at grabbing Dad’s chest hair – ouch!) is a real miracle to witness. The weather’s been cooler and less humid this week and Beth has been able to get Riley out for more walks – she loves to tool around the neighborhood in her stroller.
This week Baby Riley had an ultrasound of her hips to make sure that they aren’t dislocated or mal-formed due to her being breach during the pregnancy. The initial prognosis is all good news, everything looked normal although they still have to do measurements to get specific results. They will let our pediatrician know and we should have an update soon. While they were at the hospital Beth took Riley to see some of the staff that she got to see on a regular basis with her non-stress tests and ultrasounds. There seems to be unanimous agreement that Riley is just the cutest baby in town (and who am I to argue?). During the visit Beth and Riley even got to meet the CEO of the hospital system, and he admired Ms. Riley as well 🙂
Beth also took Riley to visit some of her friends who had just delivered a baby boy at the hospital. There are some pictures of their daughter Emily and Riley for you to enjoy here. Emily was quite excited to get to practice holding Riley to get ready for helping to take care of her new brother Jensen.
Well, that’s it for now – we hope that all is well with our family and friends. Don’t forget to leave comments, suggestions or the like so that we can keep the site up to par.


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