Life With Riley

The Protector

Posted on: September 18, 2006

Before Riley was born, we wondered how Molly and the boys would do with a baby. They’ve all done well around other kids but of course this one was not going to be going anywhere any time soon. So far the boys are mixed– Jake will swing by and check her out occassionally, but Max has ignored her for the most part.
Molly, on the other hand, thinks that Riley is HER baby. After we first brought Riley home and had to take her to her first doctor appointment– Molly was not thrilled we were leaving with her baby. She tried her best to go with us and I had to promise that I would bring the baby back home to her. She even refused her treat- she was that upset we’d take the baby away! She has gotten better about letting us come and go as needed with Riley, however whenever we return she has to check out the baby and make sure she’s alright. Mark and I are a distant 2nd and 3rd in Molly’s eyes now.
This morning the lawn people came to mow the grass. Being guys and in her yard– Molly was NOT HAPPY with this and started barking. I had Riley in her bouncy seat so she could talk to the fishies and told Molly to calm down and that it was alright. Once Molly believed me, or accepted that I was not going to let her out to chase them down, she stopped barking and came over to Riley and gave her a sniff then a quick lick on the cheek and laid down back at the door, daring anyone to come near HER baby. Riley never even blinked.
And people thought we’d be overprotective as first time parents!


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