Life With Riley

Dad’s first post (and new pictures!)

Posted on: September 16, 2006

We hope that everyone has found their way to the new, more ‘professional’ site (‘professional’ is kind of an inside joke, it has to do with a conversation between Madison H. and Grandma H. – we can provide details if there is interest) and like the new look and feel of the site. The new format should help keep the site more manageable and easier for keeping current and searching for older information. One of the nice new features is that you can add comments (like Aunt Nancy has already done!) and let us and others know what you think, you can add extra information, or even make requests for new things.
There are some new pictures posted online – you can check them out here. It’s amazing to see how much Riley has grown since she was born. There are a few pictures of Riley with Dr. Tomblin, Beth’s OB who delivered Baby Boo. You can even see his Marshall University chair (Beth and Dr. Tomblin both went to school there) which somehow has not made it back to our house.
That’s all for now – we’ll see about more frequent updates to keep everyone current with what’s happening in Baby Boo’s life. We have the annual Greek Festival going on this weekend so there’s lots of extra traffic and activity and noise around the house – we’ll see if this provides any opportunities for another post or so.


1 Response to "Dad’s first post (and new pictures!)"

Love the new pictures! That little white dress with the flowers is so cute! Won’t be long and she will be holding that bottle herself. :>)

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