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Welcome to the new home on the web!

Posted on: September 14, 2006

Hello all!
Welcome to Riley’s new website! We’re excited about the changes and hope everyone likes it too. We’re still working out the details, but for your Riley-fix and any other family news, head over here!
This has been an exciting week for us– Riley and I have had lunch with dad twice and this morning he met us at the pediatrician’s office for her one-month well baby checkup.
The news is Ms. Riley is doing absolutely wonderful! She is up to around 9 lb 14 oz (though a good couple of ounces there was a super-wet diaper!) and has grown to 21 1/2 inches long! The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with her and was very pleased with her progress. He even remarked on how strong she is! Riley has developed a LOT of control over her head/neck muscles recently. We’re very proud of our little girl and we think she’s proud of the job we’re doing, that is until we let them give her a shot! She had her second Hepatitis B shot today, the first shot that I’ve seen her get! She was NOT thrilled by this course of events, but handled it really well. She cried just for a minute and I was able to keep from crying which I’m sure helped her calm down afterwards too. Dad was a trooper for both of us. 🙂 I hope he can make it to her next appointment where she gets FOUR shots. FOUR! At once! Different needles! I wish they could just fill up one syringe and get it over with but I’m sure that would probably hurt even longer and not be as effective.
In other Riley news- she is now fitting into 3-month size clothes and almost out of her newborn size bottles. We’ve already moved up to the #2 nipples. Mark and I just look at her in wonder at how fast she’s growing and how much she’s changed in just one short month. I’ve been so blessed to have this time at home with her while recovering, going back to work will be hard but we’ll get through it. Riley has a spot at a terrific day care which came highly recommended by friends and impressed both Mark and I during a visit. It is not very far from my office so I can pop over and see her at lunch. The center has an open door policy- they only ask that you refrain from lunch visits if it appears to be negatively impacting the child (when they start getting seperation anxiety for example). Even then, we can still stop by and check her out via the video cameras they have set up in the rooms without her knowing we were there.
Time for 2nd lunch, so off I go. I’m sure you’ll be seeing many more updates from us now on- from news about Riley to our thoughts on being new parents and such. Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you’d like to hear about or your thoughts on the new format!


2 Responses to "Welcome to the new home on the web!"

Mark & Beth…LOVE THE NEW SITE! I have had my “Riley fix” for this week and am now content for a few more days until the next update. Isn’t it amazing how fast the last 37 days have gone (faster than the previous 37!). Give your little sweetie a hug and kiss from Michigan!

Mark and Beth,
Riley is adorable! I Love the pictures of her in her dress. Meg and Maddie will be very excited to see the new pictures. Take care and have fun…. The time goes so fast.
Love, beth

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