Life With Riley

Riley is hilarious.  Well, I think so but then again I am her mom which does mean I’m biased, but if you lived with her you’d think she was hilarious too.

Current Riley moments:

The girl is in love with superheroes.  She loves watching Wonder Woman, the old Batman and Robin series, and anything we can find that is age appropriate for her (there’s a lot of stuff for teens rated PG-13, esp what is available on netflix streaming).  She loves the stories, and the simplistic idea of good guys and bad guys and asking questions about both.

Another favorite is singing.  She will sing anything at any time, unless you ask her to specifically sing something and she’ll clam up like the Warner Brother’s cartoon frog.  Occasionally she’ll comply but it’s always with a laugh and a smile.  She’ll sing the Wonder Woman theme song – we’ll hear her belt it out when she is supposed to be going to sleep.  She is a bit trying as her other favorite song is one she learned from Musicare but only remembers one verse:

Snow is falling on
Grandfather Mountain
Snow is falling so deep…

Snow is falling on
Grandfather Mountain
Putting all the bears to sleep

I feel for her teacher -she apparently hears it a LOT from Riles- it’s her default sing to her self song at school as well.  What can I say, the girl gets it from me I guess. I love to sing and I’m thrilled that she’s found her voice.

When she finds her tone and the right key and loses the nasal… that’s when I’ll be relieved!!!

She does sound pretty good at times, it’ll be interesting to see as she grows if she continues to be so outgoing.  One of the elementary schools we may try for is an arts magnet school where she could develop her love of music and art further.  She loves the stage and performing- I found out this week that another teacher has her sing the Ariel song (the Ah ah ah— bit) from Little Mermaid.  She’s been singing that one forever it seems but it impressed her little friends.

Otherwise things are going well at home- we’ve had a pretty easy time of things this winter. Dad’s feeling a bit under the weather but he’ll be back in the swing of things soon we’re sure.  Work for me is going great- lots of positive and interesting challenges. 

We’re a blessed family and thankful for each day we get to celebrate life together!


Okay, bad mom for not posting before now but I swear I couldn’t log in and well, that’s all fixed now.

I bet you’d like an update on the kiddo, eh?

Riley is still growing like a weed!  She is 43″ tall as best we can tell and considers herself a “Big Kid”.  She has been going on and on about going to Big Kid School (kindergarten) until last week.  She’s finally made the connection that when she goes to BKS, she’ll miss her friends from daycare.  There’s a chance one of the girls in her class may go to the same elementary, but odds are she’ll not know any of the kids in kindergarten.  Once we know where she’s going to go to school (private, charter, magnet, community, SO MANY CHOICES) I think I may look into something to attend over the summer to get to know some of the kids to ease the transition a lot.

She continues to do well at school (daycare) and loves to learn.  She’s already complaining about homework but I can’t blame her there.  She’s 4. She has better things to do.

Riley has a long list of favorites at this time- she still loves the Princesses and anything to do with horses (My Little Pony included), but has also started getting into superheroes such as WonderWoman, Superman, Batman, etc.  Santa brought her the Wonder Woman series (Lynda Carter) for Christmas and she loves watching them.

Another development that I’m thankful for is that she is very excited about going to the movies!  Finally I have an excuse to go again.  She loves seeing them on the big screen but like taking the mouse to the movies, you have to get her some popcorn.  The girl can eat her weight in popcorn in less time than it takes to get through the previews it seems!  I’m looking forward to more kids movies in 2011 and when she’s big enough to take to more ah sophisticated films like Harry Potter and Transformers!

Wait, did I just refer to the Transformers franchise as sophisticated?  Scratch that bit, okay?  It is good eye candy and I loved the Transformers growing up!

Today is a home day and Riley is decked out in her Snow White costume and checking her look at her Rapunzel vanity.  Mark picked us up some Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast and we saw some snow for a minute.  All in all, a great weekend ahead of us!

We hope that everyone had a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and hope that the New Year brings good things.  We have some pictures and video from Riley’s first NC Christmas to share soon.  Here’s to more frequent content and updates in 2011!


Posted on: April 18, 2010

Beth took Riley for her first set of 2010 photos today – you can see a sampling of the results on the right side of the page. I’ll include a link later so you can jump right to the full set if you’d like. I can’t believe how grown-up she looks, apparently she’s not camera-shy, and the photographer was good at working with kids too. We’ve got some printed copies of some of the photos that should go out in the mail in the relatively near future to close family and friends 🙂 Here’s the link so you can check out the full photo shoot.

I moved South to get away from the snow and cold, so far 2010 is a disappointing year in terms of achieving this goal. Riley, on the other hand, would disagree – she’s loving all of this snow! Off to see what this evening brings…I’m not liking seeing white-covered vehicles and slushy streets though.

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I know that letting a cough linger on for over 3 weeks isn’t a good idea, this fact was made more evident when the doctor visit to see what was going on ended up with multiple chest x-rays and a lovely diagnosis of walking pneumonia. A few days later Mom got the same treatment (although they had to draw some blood from her, I’m glad I missed out on that special treat!) The good news is that Riley is the healthy one through all of this – she’s a bit snotty at times but overall the picture of health. The antibiotics seem to be doing their job and Mom and Dad are on the road to recovery – yeah!


It’s another new year and time for another shot at being more regular posting updates, pictures and news about Riley and the excitement that is her life.  I’m hoping that moving to a new blog platform will offer satisfactory motivation to get back on the more frequent posting train.  That’s all for now, hopefully there’s more to share soon!

Well Hello There 2009 – I can’t believe that 2008 is a thing of the past, it went by much too quickly for my taste! All in all it was a good year with good times shared with family and friends, a little bit of travel thrown into the mix, and the chance to get to watch Riley grow and turn into her own little personality. She is starting to use sentences now and is getting better at telling Daddy to “Follow me” when she wants me to do something. Most of the time it works out pretty well, and if we need to, Mom and Dad are still helping Baby Boo ‘keep it real’.
Riley’s Rendition of Jingle Bells

We’re still working on posting pictures from the Christmas festivities in WV and MI, and if I can figure out how to make it work, there should be a couple of short videos of Riley entertaining the family during dinner somewhere in this post. Santa was good to Riley this year, as was everyone else. There are now plenty of blocks, dolls, trains, train tracks, books, puzzles, clothes and more to last for a while. Uncle Tim and Aunt Trina also renewed our NC Zoo membership so we look forward to more trips to visit the animals in the coming year.
Time for me to work on trying to include the videos, hopefully you’ll have already checked out the cuteness before you read this far!
Riley Wishes You a Merry Christmas

A new day, or rather night, has come to our household. Riley is sleeping in a big girl bed for the first time in her life. Today I took her convertible crib and transitioned it to a youth bed (toddler bed). She was so excited when she saw it! She kept bouncing on it and just seemed tickled at the transformation. We also finally put down some Disney Princess mats that we picked up for her ages ago.
Tonight when it was time for bed, she skipped back to her room, jumped up on the bed and was ready to go to sleep. No hugs no kisses no night night, just ready to go to sleeps like a big girl.
I love being her mom and watching her grow. I love playing with her and reading with her. While she is only 2 years and 3 months old, she’s growing up entirely too fast. I’m proud of my big little girl!

I’ve not taken Riley to a library yet. I know I know– but heck I have to figure out where they are around here. I think I know- just haven’t had a time to go. However, they’ve talked about libraries at school and she’s seen Caillou episodes and other references to libraries. (Trust me, the kid is not hurting for books and she loves them all.)
So on the way home I ask her where she would like to go. She does this Dr. Evil kind of point at the corner of her mouth thing and says “Hrmm”.
“I go… LIBRARY!”
I was kinda shocked she said it as we’ve never talked about going to the library. So I asked her a few more questions including what was at a library. She shared with me what she knew and then..
“Books, they have books!”
“Yes, yes they do Riley! Do you think they would let us look at their books if we are careful?”
“YES!” as she laughed at the silly mommy.
“What else do they have at libraries?”
For a minute I was lost then as she talked more about going to the library I realized what she was talking about.
Dear lord, Riley thinks Barnes and Noble is a library!!!
I laughed so hard. We came home instead and I think I will do my best to take her to a real library soon.

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